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Museums, parks and governmental offices are on lockdown; their employees told not to come in, the tourist outside turned away. Away from the front lines, bloated egos in 3-piece suits are whipped into a frenzy in an attempt to spin the narrative and bank votes for coming elections.

The United States is closed for business and deep political divides are poised to keep it that way. With no agreement reached on a budget, the government has shut down and all essential employees have been told to stay home.

That was then, this is now. But sometimes it’s hard to tell.

In 1995, our last shutdown, President BIll Clinton was in the thick of the melee with republicans unhappy with budget proposals, sparking weeks of government shutdowns.

Today President Obama faces an eerily similar situation.

As these diptychs show, with 1995 on the left and 2013 on the right, nothing really changes.

The more things change…

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